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Operetta in three acts by Carlo Lombardo and Mario Costa

Salome, a young and carefree Neapolitan "scugnizza", shares an instinctive
happiness with Totò and her friends. They enjoy life without complications

in the midst of the seductive nature and the bright light of the gulf city. 
To disturb the balance of this life made of hardship and gimmicks,

the sad and bored American billionaire Toby Gutter arrives in Naples

with his daughter Gaby,courted unsuccessfully by his secretary Chic.
To escape a chase, after a little theft, the scugnizzi and Salomè

meet Toby, who immediately feels a sincere and spontaneous

fondness for Salomé and takes the decision to marry her and

take her to America. 
The girl is surprised by this proposal, but her aunt Grazia sees

the possibility of a good arrangement for herself and her niece.

Salomè at first is in despair but then accepts to marry Toby.
A big Neapolitan party, where the American spares no expense,

seals the union between Toby and Salomé. 
That same evening, Totò goes to the American's villa to see her street

scugnizza for the last time and to declare his love for her unreservedly. 
Totò completely reveals his love to Salomè but he is mistaken for a thief and
taken to jail..

However, true love always wins, Toby's wisdom will prevail over
whim, Salomé will remain in Naples and happily gets married with her lifelong partner.

Aunt Grazia will not let the rich billionaire escape.



Directed by Elena D'Angelo

Artistic Director Gianni Versino

Choreography Martina Ronca

Orchestra Conductor Marcella Tessarin

Orchestra and corps de ballet Elena D'Angelo Company

Staging and costumes Grandi Spettacoli

Salomè                   Elena D'Angelo

Chic                       Matteo Mazzoli

Totò                       Paolo Cauteruccio

Gaby Gutter             Merita Dileo

Toby Gutter             Gianni Versino

Zia Grazia               Maresa Pagura

Gennarino              Carlo Randazzo

Turista                   Paola Scapolan



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