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Operetta in three acts by Viktor Léon and Leo Stein, music by F. Lehar


The operetta, set in Paris, is about the attempt

of the Pontevedrina embassy to marry the rich woman

widow Hanna Glavari with Count Danilo, her old flame.

Meanwhile, the love triangle develops

between Baron Mirko Zeta, his wife Valencienne

and Camille de Rossillon.

Hanna Glavari was widowed early

very rich court banker of the little one

state of Pontevedro; a marriage with her

a foreigner would cause the leakage of

million lady's dowry and the collapse of

state coffers.

The widow is now in Paris and the ruler of Pontevedro,

very worried, he instructs his ambassador

in Paris, Baron Zeta, to find her a Pontevedrino husband.

Ambassador Zeta and his chancellor Niegus,

they look for a candidate and identify him in the count

Danilo Danilovich who has interrupted in the past

a love affair with Hanna under family pressure,

because of her humble origins.

Taking advantage of the sovereign's birthday, Baron Zeta organizes a party at the embassy, during which, with Niegus, he tries to convince Danilo to marry the widow. Hanna still loves Danilo, however she doesn't want to show it and even tries to make him jealous.

Meanwhile, the love story of the wife of Baron Zeta, Valencienne, is intertwined with the French diplomat Camille de Rossillon; during a ball at the Glavari house, the two go to one another in the pavilion; they are about to be discovered by Baron Zeta, when Niegus, less careless than he seems, manages to get Valencienne out in time and replace her with Hanna.

When Hanna leaves the pavilion with Rossillon, the choice of future husband seems clear: a Parisian... Everything seems compromised; Danilo is furious and leaves the party; Zeta doesn't understand if his wife cheated on him or not.

A new party takes place at the Glavari house with the theme of the atmosphere and dances of Chez Maxim's; Danilo consoles himself by drinking champagne and with the famous grisettes dancers; However, Hanna explains to him that it was Niegus who made the person exchange in the pavilion to save Valencienne.

After many skirmishes and suffering, Danilo declares his love for Hanna, who announces her marriage to Danilo.

As for Zeta, his wife's fan was found in the pavilion. He then scolds Valencienne, but she tells him to open the fan, where she has written "I am an honest woman". Happiness of the baron and then general jubilation.


Directed by Elena D'Angelo

Artistic Director Gianni Versino

Choreography Martina Ronca

Orchestra Conductor Marcella Tessarin

Orchestra and corps de ballet Elena D'Angelo Company

Staging and costumes "Grandi Spettacoli"

Anna Glavary                  Elena D'Angelo

Conte Danilo                  Paolo Cauteruccio

Camillo De Rossilon        Mattia Pelosi

Valancien                       Merita Dileo

Njegus                           Matteo Mazzoli

Barone Zeta                   Gianni Versino

Contessa Bogdanovitch    Maresa Pagura

Conte Kromov                Carlo Randazzo

Olga Kormov                  Paola Scapolan

Saint-Brioche                 Fabio Vivarelli



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