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Operetta in two acts with music by Paul Abraham and libretto by Alfred Grünwald

and Fritz Löhner-Beda.

Nice, 1932. The return is celebrated in the living room of the Faublas house

of the Marquis Aristide and his bride
Magdalene, returning from a long honeymoon.

But Aristide receives a telegram from Tangolita, a
dancer his old flame, to whom he had promised,

solemnly signing the undertaking at the bottom of a
check, to spend an evening with her as soon as she

had requested it. Tangolita wants Aristide
fulfill his obligation that very evening, during the annual

ball held at the hotel at the Savoy.

But the Marquis would not like to leave Maddalena alone.

With the help of his friend Mustafà Bey, Aristide finds one
good excuse: he has to go to the Savoy to meet José Pasodoble,

jazz composer in vogue and his
childhood friend, and cannot take Maddalena with him,

because trunks with elegant toilets are not
been delivered yet. But José Pasodoble is none other than the pseudonym of Daisy Parker, cousin of Maddalena, who thus understands that she is deceived.

At the Savoy.

While Aristide meets old friends from the times when he was still celibate, Magdalene arrives, determined to take revenge, hiding her face behind a veil. The woman impresses Celestino, a shy young man who hopes to experience the adventure of his life. Meanwhile Mustafà, a multi-divorced Turkish diplomat, realizes that he is falling in love with Daisy.

Aristide and Tangolita retire to dine in booth no. 8; Maddalena and her suitor Celestino take a seat in the one next to it, number 9.

During dinner Aristide asks for the telephone to call his wife, but the waiter Pomerol, used to these situations, hijacks the line
on the booth device no. 9, so that Maddalena can answer as if she were at home. More and more disappointed, Maddalena decides to give herself to Celestino.

While the management of the Savoy rewards José Pasodoble, revealing his true identity, Maddalena publicly announces that she has cheated on her husband.
Magdalene's revenge, instead of causing scandal, receives general approval.

Meanwhile Aristide is racking his brains in doubt: did he really do it or not?

Since Maddalena continues to confirm the betrayal, the marquis calls the lawyer to start the divorce proceedings. Mustafà and Daisy decide to get married, and for life. The lawyer arrives: it's Celestino, but even from him Aristide can't find out if the betrayal is


It will be the clever Daisy, with a ruse, to snatch the truth from Maddalena.







Directed by Elena D'Angelo

Artistic Director Gianni Versino

Choreography Martina Ronca

Orchestra Conductor Marcella Tessarin

Orchestra and corps de ballet Elena D'Angelo Company

Staging and costumes Grandi Spettacoli

Daisy Parker(CUGINA DI MADDALENA)               Elena D'Angelo

Mustapha' Beiayer(AMICO DI ARISTIDE)         Matteo Mazzoli

Marquis Aristide of Faublas    Paolo Cauteruccio

Madeleine(SUA MOGLIE)                         Merita Dileo

Pomeroy(DIRETTORE DEL SAVOY)                                    Gianni Versino

Celestine(SUO FRATELLO)                         Stefano Menegale

Tangolite(ARGENTINE DANCER)                                             Antonella Romanazzi

Invitata                                      Paola Scapolan

Avventore                          Carlo Randazzo 


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