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Operetta in three acts by Ralph Benatzky - Robert Stolz to a libretto by H. Muller-E. Charll-R. Gilbert

We are in Austria, on Lake St. Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut,

where the Hotel Al Cavallino Bianco is located.

The first waiter of the Hotel, Leopoldo, loves

the beautiful owner Josepha, who, however, does not deserve one
glance because she is in love with the Italian lawyer

George Bellati.

Pesamenole, a rich industrialist, arrives at the hotel

and his daughter Ottilia.

Leopoldo realizes that between Ottilia and Bellati he could

blossoming a love and so, to push Bellati away

by the attentions of Mrs. Josepha, arranges a meeting

vis-à-vis between the two, but Josepha, enraged, fires him.

Leopoldo, desperate organizes his departure.

Meanwhile Cogoli, who has an ongoing legal case with

Pesamenole, sends his son Sigismondo to Cavallino Bianco

with the hope that he will fall in love with Ottilia, in order to conclude

the matter with a wedding.

Sigismondo however falls in love with Claretta, a girl who has funny speech defects and who is certainly not rich.
She and her father, Professor Hinzelmann, can only afford a little trip every three years.

In the midst of these amorous affairs the Archduke arrives and Leopold manages to get him to stay for a night at the
White Horse.

Josepha to thank him, summarizes him. It is precisely the words of the Archduke that will lead to the happy conclusion of the story: one must not seek happiness far away when it is close at hand.
Alongside La Vedova Allegra, which other operetta can compete today in Europe in terms of popularity with Al Cavallino Bianco?


A curiosity: his music, although generally signed by Ralph Benatzky, is actually due to five composers.

And it is this peculiarity that makes it so fresh, varied and joyful.

A show that looks like a firework, paintings of elegant spectacularity and the twists they bring
to the inevitable happy ending which involves everyone: the nice characters on the stage and the happy ones
spectators in the audience.










Directed by Serge Manguette

Artistic Director Gianni Versino

Choreographies  Serge Manguette

Orchestra Conductor Marcella Tessarin

Orchestra and corps de ballet Elena D'Angelo Company

Staging and costumes Grandi Spettacoli

Josepha Vogel Huber       Elena D'Angelo

Leopoldo Brandmayer      Matteo Mazzoli

Avvocato Bellati              Paolo Cauteruccio

Ottilia                            Merita Dileo

Zanetto Pesamenole        Gianni Versino

Rudy                             Stefano Menegale

Sigismondo Cogoli          Serge Manguette

Claretta Hinzelmann        Giada Bardelli

Professor Hinzelmann     Carlo Randazzo

Guida                            Paola Scapolan

Nel ruolo dell'Arciduca    Carlo Randazzo


to the horse

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