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Operetta in three acts by L. Bard on texts by Franci.

It is the story of Frou Frou, "chanteuse" of the Bal Tabarin in Paris,

with whom the duke of Pontarcy falls in love and marries her by making her
pledge loyalty for at least 6 months.

Frou Frou accepts, but soon gets bored and regrets life before

cheerful and frivolous; so he organizes his return to Tabarin with
her next lover just the same 
ending night

The period of obligatory fidelity, determined to betray her husband
...but the duke also goes to Tabarin, with one of his young girls

flame and between comic misunderstandings and paradoxical situations

ci starts towards the inevitable happy ending.

"... Frou Frou del Tabarin, they impose virtue on you,

but it's always you, Frou Frou..."




Directed by Elena D'Angelo

Artistic Director Gianni Versino

Choreography Martina Ronca

Orchestra Conductor Marcella Tessarin

Orchestra and corps de ballet Elena D'Angelo Company

Staging and costumes Grandi Spettacoli

Frou Frou                  Elena D'Angelo              

Sofia Webern            Matteo Mazzoli

Ottavio di Chantal      Alessandro Fantoni

Edi                           Merita Dileo

Duca di Pontarcy       Gianni Versino

Couchard                 Stefano Menegale Morel             Maresa Pagura

Grandbec                 Carlo Randazzo

Grigri                      Paola Scapolan


the duchess of the bal tabarin

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