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Operetta in three acts by Carlo Lombardo and Virgilio Ranzato

Once upon a time "Il Paese dei Campanelli", located in a splendid

but imaginary island  dutch.

Above every house in the village there was a small bell tower which

guarded a bell, according to legend the bells

they rang whenever a woman from the town was about to

cheating on her husband. In this country, quiet and moderate,

the bells never got to ring

 one day, the news: a warship arrives

from which descends a group of bold cadets who immediately

they begin to court the local women:

Captain Hans meets up with Nela and the

bungler La Gaffe sympathizes with Bombon,

a woman who in the past "slipped"...


Women explain to their suitors the obstacle of bells and

La Gaffe plans to send two telegrams: one to invite some dancers

of London for a little amusement - and the other for the cadets' wives, warning them they would be late home. But La Gaffe, worthy of his name, reverses the telegrams, and the wives of the cadets disguised as dancers plunge into the Country of Bells. Meanwhile the sailors persuaded the local wives to give in to their enticements and all the bells rang. The dancers/wives learned of their husbands betrayal take revenge on the local husbands, and the bells ring again. In the end Holland-England one equal!!

Bombon knows well that one shouldn't believe in the love of sailors and leaves La Gaffe with no regrets. Nela, on the other hand, really loved Hans and is now desperate, in tears. With the departure of the cadets everything returns to the way it was before. It is to be sworn that the bells will never ring again. Calm has returned, the danger is averted.




Directed by Elena D'Angelo

Artistic Director Gianni Versino

Choreography Martina Ronca

Orchestra Conductor Marcella Tessarin

Orchestra and corps de ballet Elena D'Angelo Company

Staging and costumes Grandi Spettacoli

BomBon            Elena D'Angelo

LaGaffe             Matteo Mazzoli

Hans                Paolo Cauteruccio

Nela                 Merita Dileo

Tarquinio          Gianni Versino

Pomerania        Maresa Pagura

Attanasio          Stefano Menegale

Basilio              Carlo Randazzo

Nansen             Stefano Ferrara

Gretel               Paola Scapolan

Ethel                Gaia Bellunato

Tom                 Fabio Vivarelli


the country of

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