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She studied piano and lyrical singing, subsequently dedicating herself only to the latter, under the guidance of Maestro Anatolj Goussev with whom she graduated brilliantly.
She graduated in Modern Literature at the State University of Milan.

In 1996 she made her debut in the role of Susanna in:

"The Marriage of Figaro" by W.A.Mozart.
She collaborates permanently with the company "OPERA STAGE" making

her debut the main titles of the opera repertoire.

In 2002 she participated in numerous shows of the Academy

Teatrosempre in Milan directed by Piero Mazzarella and Rino Silveri.

Her participation in musical comedy should be noted

"The elusive Yellow Primrose" alongside Maurizio Colombi.

In 2003 she won the "Luigia Stramesi" International Opera Competition
city of Sale (Alexandria).

In 2004 she co-starred with Michele Placido in the show
”...And one evening at the theatre...” directed by Gerardo Amato, staged

in the Alfieri theater of Asti, Ariston of Acqui Terme, theater of the Viale of Lodi.

From November 2004 to 2013 she was the First Actress Soubrette - soprano of the historic

"Compagnia Italiana di Operette" with which she performs in the most important Italian theaters, covering the main roles of the operetta repertoire:
“the Merry Widow”, “Gipsy Princess”, “The Duchess of Chicago”, “The Duchess of the Bal Tabarin”, “Cin Ci Là”, “Il Paese dei Campanelli”, “Dance of the Dragonflies”, “Ballo al Savoy”, “Al Cavallino bianco”, “ Bajadera”, “Scugnizza”…

In 2011 she assumed the Artistic Direction.


In 2006 she was invited to the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome for the production of "the Merry Widow".

In 2008 she was a guest on an important tour with the orchestra "I POMERIGGI MUSICALI", making her debut at the Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan which saw the extraordinary participation of Elio Pandolfi.

She makes numerous tours abroad: Argentina, Uruguay, Japan,Germany, Switzerland, Belarus, Slovenia, Spain, United States and

She records for RICORDI.

From 2013 to 2015 she was the first actress soubrette-soprano of the Company of the "Teatro Al Massimo" in Palermo.

In February 2015 she was a guest on television on RAI1, in the program UNO MATTINA IN FAMIGLIA conducted by Tiberio Timperi and Ingrid Muccitello.

In 2014 she founds the "Compagnia d'Operette Elena D'Angelo",where she is Artistic Director, stage director and soprano-soubrette.
She writes for the online magazine DANCE HALL NEWS, the column "Operetta Mon Amour".

She collaborates permanently with the Pavarotti Foundation.

She received the "National Operetta Award" in the suggestive Fortezza di Livorno and the "Malaspina Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2018 Modoetia Corona Ferrea Award. 

She supervised the first Operetta's workshop "Operetta, Characters and Styles” welcomed for the first time by the Conservatorio di
Como. She is the Artistic Director of the first project "I present to you the operetta" aimed entirely at young people.

She conceives and is the Artistic Director of the "Monza Operetta Festival"

(today at its fifth edition) and of "Operetta Festival" in Sirmione and Milan.

For several years she has been involved in directing, staging and costumes for operas and operettas.

She took care of the direction, staging and costumes of La Traviata, Aida by G. Verdi, Il Barbiere di Siviglia by Rossini, Turandot, Tosca, Elisir d'Amore, Rigoletto, La Serva Padrona on tour in northern Italy. In the 2018 she directed the staging and costumes of G. Verdi's Nabucco held at the Manzoni Theater in Monza, at the Arcimboldi theater in Milan, at the Condominio theater in Gallarate, at the Cuneo Classica Festival and finally at the Amaya theater in Irun in Spain.


Valleys of Reggio Emilia, Verdi of Florence, Giglio of Lucca, Verdi of Pisa, Verdi of Livorno, Duse of Bologna, Fraschini of Pavia, Cagnoni of Vigevano, Coccia of Novara, Comunale of Tortona, Arcimboldi of Milan, Dal Verme of Milan, Emerald of Milan, Nuovo of Milan, Manzoni of Milan, Carcano of Milan, San Babila, Ponchielli of Cremona, Alfieri of Turin, Nuovo of Turin, Carignano of Turin, Gioiello of Turin, Giacosa of Aosta, Alfieri of Asti, Toselli of Cuneo , Consortium of Budrio, Municipal of Fidenza, Municipal of Piacenza, Manzoni of Monza, Borgatti of Cento, Teatro Grande of Ferrara, Petruzzelli of Bari, Municipal of Bolzano, Le Muse of Ancona, Masini of Faenza, Magnani of Fidenza, Giovanni da Udine of Udine, Nuovo of Verona, City of Vicenza, Celebrations of Bologna, Quirino of Rome, Eur of Rome, Piccinni of Bari, Orfeo of Taranto, Politeama Greco of Lecce, Al Massimo of Palermo, Metropolitan of Catania, City of Noto, Pirandello of Agrigento, Politeama of Catanzaro, Ca vour of Imperia, Chiabrera of Savona, Modena of Genoa, Civico of Vercelli, Municipal of Alessandria, Municipal of Cagli, Marruccino of Chieti, Pavone of Perugia, Municipal of Ortona, Municipal of Teramo, Municipal of Atri, Municipal of Budrio, Goldoni of Corinaldo, Municipal Bramante of Urbania, Municipal of Casale Monferrato, Sociale of Como, Nuovo of Varese, Palazzo dei Congressi of Lugano, Spoleto Festival of the Two Worlds, Rendano of Cosenza, Teatro al Massimo, Metroplitan of Catania, Tina Di Lorenzo of Noto, Vittorio Emanuele II of Messina, Pirandello of Agrigento, Sociale of Como, Rossini of Pesaro....

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