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Operetta in three acts by L. Stein and B. Jenbach music by E. Kalman

 At the Orpheum, Budapest's fashionable local, reigns supreme

the beautiful songwriter Silva Varescu who, called the

Princess of the Czarda, bids her friends farewell,

n about to leave for a tour in the United States.

Prince Edwin Charles of Lippert-Weylersheim,

in love with Silva, he undertakes before a notary for

marry her within eight weeks.

Edvino Carlo is then recalled to Vienna by his parents who
betrothed to Countess Stasi.

Edvino, reluctantly, is forced to return to his father's palace.
In the palace of Prince Lippert-Weylersheim it is celebrated

the engagement between Edvino and Stasi.

Silva, having returned from the United States, finds out about it and introduces herself

at the reception together with Count Boni, a friend of the family, passing himself off

for his wife.

The sudden arrival first arouses Edvino's jealousy which turns into
sweetness towards the beloved.

Boni, on Silva's orders, courts Stasi, not leaving the girl indifferent. Silva, after receiving a new declaration of love from Edvino, shows the guests the written commitment in front of the notary and announces that she is a princess, the Princess of the czarda.

It's the scandal, Edvino's parents could never tolerate that the descendant of the glorious house of Lippert-Weylersheim marries a songwriter.

Silva, in tears, leaves the party.
In a hotel in Vienna is Feri, an aristocratic friend of Edvino, who accompanied the troupe from Budapest about to embark for the United States.

Edvino's family also arrives at the same hotel: Feri recognizes Edvino's mother in the princess, a famous singer who had retired from the stage years earlier. Thus the reason for the scandal of a marriage between a prince and a songwriter is dropped: Edvino and Silva crown their dream of love and Boni does the same with Stasi.







Directed by Elena D'Angelo

Artistic Director Gianni Versino

Choreography Martina Ronca

Orchestra Conductor Marcella Tessarin

Orchestra and corps de ballet Elena D'Angelo Company

Staging and costumes Grandi Spettacoli

Silva Varescu(MAGAZINE SINGER)            Elena D'Angelo

Boni Kanchanu (COUNT FRIEND OF EDVIN)     Matteo Mazzoli

Edvino Carlo (SON OF THE PRINCE)          Paolo Cauteruccio

Contessina Stasi (COUSIN OF EDVIN)      Merita Dileo

Fery (NOBLE FRIEND OF EDVIN)                   Carlo Randazzo

Anilde (HIS WIFE)                         Maresa Pagura

Roushdorff (COUSIN BY EDVIN)              Stefano Menegale

Juliska                                Paola Scapolan


of the czarda

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